Advancing Facial Skin analysis
to provide next-level skincare
recommendations and improved
customer conversion.
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Dais Health is a HIPAA-secure skin assessment platform that utilizes artificial intelligence based real-time facial skin analysis to automatically extract diagnostic features and stratify severity of dermatologic findings.

An All-In-One Platform for Driving Sales and Patient Engagement

Attract new customers
Automate skin analysis
Drive product sales
Boost sales conversion
Improve customer satisfaction
Upsell products
Reduce cost per sale
Eliminate overhead
Acquire market lead
HIPAA Secure

Our Team of Dermatologists and AI researchers

Our team is led by a group of visionary dermatologists with decades of patient care experience partnering with leading artificial intelligence experts. Together we understand the essential skincare needs of our patients along with the cutting edge technology necessary for medical grade skin analysis. Our focus is automating the evaluation and product sales cycle to deliver proven therapeutic results coupled with revenue generation. It is a true win-win solution.

In partnership with Duke University Medical Center
and collaboratively with Duke Innovations